Indian Street Food Cook Book

The New Indian Street Food Recipe Book & Journal.

Discover the delicious world of Indian street food with our unique cookbook and guided journal! Our cookbook features 25 of the most popular and trending Indian street food recipes, all made vegan and customisable to fit your personal preferences. Plus, it comes with the only 5 chutney recipes you’ll ever need!

Unlike traditional cookbooks, our book is designed to be more of a journal where you can document your culinary journey. Each recipe is a template that you can adapt and modify to make it your own. There’s plenty of space for you to write notes, cross things out, and even paste pictures of your creations. By the end, you’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind cookbook that’s uniquely yours.

Some of the mouthwatering recipes featured in our book include Bombay Sandwich, Vada Pau, Pav Bhaji, Masala Dosa, Kolkata Kati Rolls, Bombay Burrito, Gol Gappa/Pani Puri, Samosa Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Chilli Tofu, Masala Chai, and 5 Main Chutneys. Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, this cookbook/journal makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in exploring the world of Indian street food.

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Sample Pages From The Vegan Indian Street Food Journal

Here you can see some sample pages from one of the recipes in the cookbook journal. Each of the twenty five popular street food recipe templates is highly styled and functional for use like a journal.

We have created a new style of cookbook with the intention of providing recipe templates that can be easily customized and personalized to suit your tastes and preferences. Our aim is to provide a unique guide that can be used as is or improved upon by making alterations, additions or deletions as per your requirements. Each recipe is presented in a manner that allows you to easily modify it as you see fit. Additionally, we have included a scrapbooking function that enables you to print out pictures of your culinary creations, along with space to add diary notes or any other information you want to include. This innovative cookbook journal is the perfect gift for vegans, or anyone interested in exploring the world of Indian street food.

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Why Indian Street Food?

Indian street food is a vibrant and diverse cuisine that reflects the country’s rich history and cultural traditions. The bustling streets of India are filled with food stalls and vendors offering a wide variety of delicious and affordable dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

One of the most popular and iconic street foods in India is the samosa, a deep-fried pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes, peas, and onions. This savory snack is often served with chutney, a spicy and tangy sauce made with fresh herbs and spices.

Another must-try street food is pav bhaji, a spicy vegetable curry served with soft buttery rolls. This hearty and filling dish is perfect for a quick and satisfying meal on the go.

If you’re looking for something sweet, you can’t go wrong with jalebi, a crispy and syrupy dessert made with flour, sugar, and saffron. This delicious treat is often served warm and pairs perfectly with a hot cup of masala chai.

Other popular street foods include chaat, a flavorful and colorful snack made with crispy fried dough, yogurt, and chutney, and vada pav, a spicy potato fritter sandwiched between soft buns.

In addition to its delicious flavors, Indian street food is also known for its affordability and accessibility. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you can easily find a street food vendor or food cart in almost every corner of India.

Overall, Indian street food is a must-try for anyone who loves bold and flavourful cuisine. With its wide variety of dishes and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why it’s such a beloved part of Indian culture. So why not take a culinary adventure and explore the delicious world of Indian street food with our new cookbook available on Amazon today!

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